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Get On Track!

With the Rail X & Roto - Gripp
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Yesterdays Tools!

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Rail Construction & Maintenance!

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Todays Tools!

Rail X & Roto - Gripp
Powerful Tools

Welcome to the home of the...

Fast - Efficient - Powerful

Rail Construction Work Tools

"It's our design, quality and durability that set our products apart. The Rail X and

Roto  Gripp™ bucket provide the speed and versatility for all your projects on and off the rail"

Here at ARC...

We design, fabricate and manufacture - heavy duty tools & equipment to last under extreme working conditions. Our main products include:

The Rail X - a highly versatile machine for Rail Road construction. That has a Purpose Built Undercarriage, adapted for excavators used in rail operations and maintenance on or off the track.

 The Roto Gripp™ - The one attachment that has a full 360 degree rotating jaw bucket, alone in its class for efficiency, durability and agility.

"Let us create you a highly mobile excavator today... with our machine options & design technology."


Video... at right is a demo of our Cat 313. Explaining some of the many capabilities and features of the Rail X machine. Taking down trees, is just one of the many monster jobs it can accomplish. The efficient mobility while moving on and off the track, while performing the various jobs at hand show....

That this is truly... "One piece of equipment that you should have on your job site."