Thursday , June , 20 , 2024

Here at ARC ...

"We manufacture heavy duty tools and equipment. Designed for rail track operations &

maintenance. We give your standard track excavator the ability to work on or off the rail

tracks under extreme conditions."

Rick Johnson

Grew up in a very pioneering family in Western Washington where he learned early to apply his mechanical genius repairing machinery. He joined the Navy and traveled while stationed on the USS Constellation, Rick then learned the art and craft of machining and fabrication. After the Navy he designed and built gold mining equipment throughout the United States and Canada. Rick has been extremely successful in all his endeavors. He may not admit it, but Rick is also known for his masterful aviation hobbies where his perfectionism is again key to his success. His focus on Rail X equipment, attachments & the Roto-Gripp Bucket™ are masterful engineering concepts that continues to grow.

Wendell Malmberg

Started with a pickup truck and portable welder doing on-site fabrication for various construction companies in the greater Puget Sound area. During the early years Wendell focused his interests in providing fabricated structural steel. In 1989 Wendell began developing a broad line of Excavator Attachments. Wendell has become one of the industry’s most accomplished factory direct and retrofit designers that is known worldwide for his innovation. Advanced Rail Concepts was formed after a joint project between Rick and Wendell. Their combined abilities have produced the most up to date Rail Working Machine and attachments in the industry.

"We Design & Fabricate New Innovations, That

Provide Fast, Efficient & Powerful Equipment."

We build the future in state of art equipment today...